$38 / mo.

Billed Monthly. NO setup fee.

(Funds go into Operating costs of Imarealflorist)

profesional florist

$456 $410.50 / yr.

Billed Yearly. NO setup fee.

(Funds go into Operating costs of Imarealflorist)

How to Become a Verified Real Florist Business?

Flower businesses can only gain this verification if it meets the following:

local hero business ima illustrator


Lives and acts like a local business because it is. Will not on-forward more than 25% of all orders that come into the store.

bespoke floristry illustrator line


Hand makes all of the orders that come in store.

profesional florist illustrator


Is a registered florist with a valid ABN and registered business name that accepts electronic payments.

accessible local floritst florist only


Has a website and email for potential clients to message.

Imarealflorist Business Verification Membership

Business Membership Includes:

  • Added on IMA Florist Listing

  • Shop review and ratings from Customers

  • Business Mark as a Verified Florist

  • Available Marketing resources

  • Search Analytics

  • Collaboration with Imareal.florist Branding (Events, etc..)

  • Web Advertisement

  • Access to Nicki & the Imarealflorist team for support

  • Cancel your membership at end of month any time

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